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« The Price Is Right (HD, New, TV-G) Contestants compete for prizes and cash, including cars and vacations, in games that test their knowledge of consumer goods pricing.
The Young and the Restless (HD, New, TV-14) Nick calls a truce with Victor; Phyllis tries to limit damage; Billy takes control at Jabot.
KX News at Noon in HD (HD, New)
The Bold and the Beautiful (HD, New, TV-14) The affluent Forrester family rules the fashion runways and commands the Beverly Hills community, but their fame and fortune are met with various hardships.
The Talk (HD, New, TV-14) Actress Marcia Gay Harden from the series "Code Black" talks about her book "The Seasons of My mother"; television personalities Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin.
« Jerry Springer Rappers Battle... For Love (TV-14) A woman says that her boyfriend is a club promoter, and she suspects that he is fooling around with someone from a band that he manages.
Jerry Springer Cousin, Will You Be My Girlfriend? (TV-14) A woman wants to call out her friend, who snuck around and ended up having sex with her boyfriend, but her friend does not seem to care.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Spin City Grand Illusion (TV-14) After learning the Mayor doesn't support gay marriage, Carter and Nikki try to change his mind by staging a fake wedding; Ashley regrets her recent career move.
Spin City The High and the Mighty (TV-14) A real estate developer tries to use his political connections to gain an unethical advantage the bidding war for a construction project.
Spin City Meet Tommy Dugan (TV-14) Mayor Winston decides to improve his public image by holding a contest for schoolchildren to become "Mayor for a Day," but the plan backfires.
Spin City The Competition (TV-14) The City Council bets the Mayor's office they can serve more turkey at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving; James tries to end his long-distance relationship.
Spin City Dog Day Afternoon (TV-14) After a beloved police dog dies, Mike decides to pay tribute to the officer by holding a memorial service, but the event goes terribly wrong.
Grace Under Fire Birthin' Babies (TV-14) Grace arrives to rescue an anxious Nadine, who has gone into labor while Wade is away on an undercover assignment.
« Without a Trace Closure (HD, TV-PG) While the team searches for a man's missing daughter, he tries to help another couple find their child; Jack contends with a new boss at Missing Persons.
Deep Undercover Operation Mobster (Repeat, TV-14)
Murderous Affairs Falling In Love Again (Repeat, TV-14)
Murderous Affairs Whodunit? (Repeat, TV-14)
Murderous Affairs Dark Minds (Repeat, TV-14)
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Rapper$ Delight; The Grapes of Greed (HD, TV-PG) A former bank robber solicits investors for a concert promotion business; the head of a wine-storage company destroys clients' wine to cover his tracks.
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